HEIC to PDF Converter

Convert iPhone's HEIC photos to PDF for free to avoid sharing issues with non-iPhone users.

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HEIC Images

HEIC files are image files that can hold one or multiple images. Sometimes people refer to HEIC as HEIF files, but HEIF is just the storage format and HEIC is the actual image format. HEIC is a better choice than JPG for storing high-quality images in smaller file sizes. iPhones and iPads mostly use HEIC since Apple changed to this format in 2017.

HEIC to PDF Conversion

Since 2017, iPhones have been saving photos in the HEIC format instead of JPG. This makes the photos better quality and smaller in size, but not easy to share with non-iPhone devices. To make sharing easier, converting HEIC photos to PDF is a good option. Our free HEIC to PDF converter makes this process easy and fast. Simply upload your HEIC photos to our website, and they will be quickly converted to PDF. No watermarks or changes will be made. You can use this tool as often as you need!