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TIFF Images

TIFF files are pictures that end in .tiff or .tif. They are similar to other picture formats like JPG or PNG, but can have many images in one file. This makes TIFFs great for sharing many high-quality pictures in one file. Most picture editing software can open TIFFs, like Adobe Photoshop. But if needed, it's easy to convert TIFFs into other formats.

TIFF to PDF Conversion

TIFFs are good for high-quality pictures, but some websites don't accept TIFFs so sharing them can cause problems. But there's a solution! You can turn many TIFFs into a PDF using our free TIFF to PDF converter online. Just upload your TIFFs and our server will make each one a page in a PDF. This way, you can share, save, or upload the PDF anywhere you want. Plus, making many TIFFs into one PDF can make the file size smaller, so you'll save space. And, it's all free!